Weekend at Bike Swim 3: It’s Getting Hot, Hot, Hot


RAT PATROL PARTY! They hit us up to tell us about this event, and I was so relieved when I opened the message, because as Chicago’s other bike gang (who has been around way longer than Tiny Fix), I’ve always kind of worried they were gonna wanna rumble. And we’d definitely lose.

Anyway, all they wanna do is swim swim bike bike. Read all about it below, and join the FB event here.

Everyone’s who doesn’t own a coat’s favorite Rat Patrol event Swim Swim Bike Bike Swim Swim Bike Bike Swim Swim Bike Bike.

This year we are having an Alley Rat Friday night. Whats that you ask? its like an alley cat, only fun. Meet up at 7:00pm at the Logan Monument. at 7:30 teams of 3 will be drawn randomly. You’ll have till 11pm to get to all 5 alley bars we’ll have set up around the northwest side. Each bar will have a special drink, $5 will cover your tab for the whole ride, if you don’t have $5 or don’t want to drink you’re still welcome to participate. Between bars you’ll scavenge the alley for items with point values. If you make it all 5 bars you’ll get the secret password to the after party were points will be tallied and prizes will be bestowed.

Saturday will be the classic swim bike ride starting out with a pot-luck cook at 1933 N. Humboldt Blvd followed by biking, then swimming , then biking, then swimming, then biking, then swimming , then biking, then eating some snacks, then waiting 30 minutes, then swimming, forever and maybe some brunch.

You’ll need a legit swim suit for one spot and put your cell phone in a plastic bag.

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