tiny giants in your pants

Introducing the Tiny Giants!
We are Dana. We ride bikes. We are moderately tall.
– DKot rides fixed, track, cross, and road bikes. She is a fancy doctor training in sports medicine and has a cat. (Multiple bikes, singular cat.)

– Nadarine rides a cross bike and rents a track bike for the velodrome. She is probably at the Empty Bottle right now and has a cat (the cat is at home).
You may know us from such previous Tiny Fix posts as Happy Holidays from Tiny Fix and Tiny Giants. We know the Tiny Fixers from Bicycle Film Festival, the totally sweet races they throw, and Twitter.

Full disclosure: we don’t work for Levi’s. We didn’t get these for free. We didn’t get paid to write about them. BUT OH MY GOD IF YOU WANT TO GIVE US FREE PANTS, HOOK SOME LADIES UP.

Consider the jeans you’re wearing right now. Do you suffer from: low reflectivity index? foul pants smell? crack is wack syndrome? or worst of all, epic crotch blowout? Do not fret. We can recommend you some fucking awesome jeans, whether you ride a bike or not, because these are our favorite pants ever.
Despite both of The Danas having incredibly different body types (serious hips and a tiny waist vs. neither hips nor waist), these pants fit us both and make us look bangin’.

Levi’s makes a 511 Skinny button-fly Commuter Jean (as well as a Commuter Trouser) that boasts a higher back rise, antimicrobial finish, a u-lock loop (it only fits a mini u-lock though, booo), reflective inseam tape, a double-layered undercarriage, a wee bit of stretch, and a water- and dirt-repelling protective coating

and comes in a deep indigo color. The color is great, but it might rub off blue dye on your fingers for a while. Or your tighty-whities.
(NB: other washes and colors vary wildly in fit. Like, “am I crazy? I thought this was my size!” variations.)

In our long experience with these jeans, we’ve found that they have not worn out a bit. They’re not kidding about that reinforced crotch. Since the waist is a little bit higher, they’re anti-muffin-top, don’t cut into your (maybe a bit of a) belly when you’re in an aggressive forward position on your bike, have zero gap in the back, and totally cover your asscrack, protecting it from both the gaze of onlookers and from the elements.

Life is not perfect, though. Things that bug: Levi’s says these are men’s jeans. They’re on the website under Men and are shown only on male models. This is bullshit. They fit the Tiny Giants, both of whom are verifiably ladies. The online sizing is insane to the point where it’s comically incorrect. Thus, we recommend against buying these online if at all possible. Go to the store. Trust us. And don’t bother stopping into the Levi’s Outlet Store on your Michigan roadtrip; according to salespeople there, the Commuter line will never hit the outlet. Sadly, the Commuter Jeans (but not the Trousers, for some reason?) are never ever on sale, and are excluded from those online coupons you keep getting. But for $88, we feel like they’re worth it.



  • Hi Vis Fashion | Tiny Fix Bike Gang April 13, 2013 at 2:16 am

    […] sizes at the time of this writing.  Levi’s Commuter Jeans are also awesome for many reasons (read a review!), though their reflectivity is limited to a binding on the inside of the cuff, visible from the […]

  • Babyarkansas July 13, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    Thank you for this review and pictures! The cropped 505 are on sale for $35 on levis.com so I bought a pair last week thanks to your review. I went by my hip measurements and it was actually a perfect fit. These jeans are awesome!!! I’ve worn them 3 days in a row and am thinking about getting a second pair before they run out:)

  • ridonrides September 21, 2013 at 1:26 am

    my only gripe would be the back pockets are too long (which makes sense for men’s jeans). i take that back, my other gripe is why don’t they make a women’s line?! obviously, we ride bikes, too!


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