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Proletarian Biking: A Guide to Dressing for the Weather

    Is your full time job not technically employment? Do you think $25k is a lot of money for just one person to make in a year? If so, this is the gear series for you. Welcome to Proletarian Biking: a broke bike kid’s guide to making the most out of your tiny income. I’m sure some of you…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Through Winter Upright

  So, last year Cupcake put together an amazing guide to #bikewinter that, if you haven’t read by now, you should follow this post with immediately. In the meantime, though, and with ice fresh on the ground from last night’s snow-and-freeze, I wanted to put some suggestions out there for some folks who might want to power through this bizarro Disney…

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Badass Women of Bike Winter

I don’t know Whitney, but based on this Bike Fancy post, I wish I did. While riding you …? signal, watch for taxis, try not to piss off pedestrians, dream about hitting certain cars with my sling shot, smile at other cyclists, plot to take over the world. Love the purple tights, yo.

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