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Sup QT is Tiny Fix’s attempt to get cutie bike kittens dates. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and in honor of this most romantic occassion we’re going to give you a chance to make a love connection with a real live member of Tiny Fix. Click here for all the background story on Sup QT and details on how to email me with a submission.

Today we’re going to be meeting Lisa, the youngest member of Tiny Fix at 24, and one of the most fun people I’ve ever gotten shitfaced with on free beers bought for us by the charmed regulars at a Polish dive bar. In the time I’ve known her, she’s dressed up as a schoolbus, cooked elaborate meals for elegant dinner parties with many guests and multiple courses, given me many excellent hugs, fed me waffles and fried chicken, and adopted the world’s hugest cat named Catimir Pulaski. She is adorable and if you break her heart you will have an extremely pissed off gang of tiny bike badasses to deal with.

If you want to get to know Lisa, you can email her here.


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All of Lisa’s answers to our questions are under the cut!

How long have you lived in Chicago? What brought you here?

I have had Chicago residency for about two years. I’ve been spending significant chunks of time here since 2008.

My sister is pretty rad and moved here after she finished her Master’s. I already knew people here from visiting her constantly and hablo español so I decided to move to Chicago, a major city with hispanohablantes.

-What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago and why are they so delicious?

I don’t even know. I actually really enjoy cooking and tend to eat in a lot.

Restaurants Categorically:

Pizza- Pequod’s

Hot Dogs: Hot Doug’s

Burgers: Kuma’s

Thai: Anong

Soup: Urban Belly

Tacos: Mazamitla

Brunch: Cozy Corner

-Weird pet peeve that will send you screaming from a date?

I hate it when people talk about themselves as others define them rather than how they see/think about themselves, e.g. people always tell me I sound like a 30-year-old

-Describe the ideal bike ride you’d take your date on.

I’d ride up to the woods at Milwaukee and Elston stopping for a picnic off the trail in the trees. Afterwards, we’d ride until we’re both too tired to ride any more.

-What organizations are you involved in and passionate about? Your work? A racing team? A non-profit you volunteer for? Dish.

I am a VISTA at a Legal Aid office in the city. It’s pretty cool. I work with a bunch of really awesome lawyers and paralegals and get to learn a lot of things about Public Benefits, Housing, Consumer, and Family Law.

I am also very interested in Adult Education, ESL in particular. I have taught ESL in the past, but my current line of work doesn’t allow me to do so at the moment. I am very interested in getting back into the field because I love working with adult learners. Additionally, anything that gives me the opportunity to talk about the subtleties of prepositions and the layers of meaning associated with words and verb tense choices on a daily basis is basically my dream profession.

Also, I guess I ride bikes and do lots of really cool things with all the Tiny Fix ladies.

-Tell us what kind of riding you do; commuting, delivery work, cross, track, BMX, mountain biking, touring, etc.

I’m primarily a commuter; however, I LOVE long rides and have enjoyed the little touring I have been able to do so far. I’d love to get into cross in the future.

-If you could only drink ONE drink at ONE Chicago bar for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

I would definitely drink at Marble forever and ever (THEY HAVE ACTUAL CHEESE CURDS UUUHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN). Picking one drink forever is much harder: I really like tequila sunrises and I’m also into pisco sours. I drink plenty of beer, too, but that’s mostly because it’s cheaper than drinking anything else at a bar.

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