Sup QT: Take Steve Vance to Messenger Prom

Tiny Fix has some rad  friends. Some of them are looking for some cute bike folk to get some tacos and stoop hang with. Sup QT is our effort to profile single Chicagoans who are awesome, ride bikes, and on the market. Sort of a “most eligible singles” kind of thing, except for dirty bike kids instead of socialites. Click here for all the background story on Sup QT and details on how to email me with a submission.


Steve Vance is looking for someone to take him to messenger prom, which takes place Saturday, August 4th as part of The Chicago Cycle Messenger World Championship 2012. If you’re a boy who like urban planning, burritos, cargo bikes, cake balls, blogging, Big Star, and dudes who are approximately nine feet tall, you should definitely email him after you read our interview.

You can also follow him on Twitter and read his two blogs, Grid Chicago and Steven Can Plan..


How long have you lived in Chicago? What brought you here?

I moved here in 2006 to attend school at UIC. They gave me a sociology degree (eh) but I stuck around for a masters in urban planning (which is cool). I “specialized” in transportation planning and that’s very related to how I utter “bike” or “train” every 3-4 words. 

Tell us about your favorite bike. 

My favorite bike is defined by how often it gets ridden. And I’ve only been riding one bike since Alex Wilson at West Town Bikes helped me find this gray Fuji Royale frame in the WTB basement. It’s a 62cm frame, so it actually fits me. It has a bunch of WTB used parts, and some new parts from Ciclo Urbano. I built it myself (for the most part) with help from the Open Shop crew.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago and why are they so delicious?

A place that sells a burrito has the potential to become my favorite. I keep track of where I eat burritos, and I’ve got 37 restaurants on my list so far. The best one is from Carniceria Guanajuato #3 at Belmont and California. They have the best value, the right ratio of meat to veggies, and are extremely consistent. Also, their salsa has the prefect taste and spiciness.


What organizations are you involved in and passionate about? 

I like volunteering for West Town Bikes, although the last time I did was in 2011, I believe. I’ve done Tour de Fat and Urban Assault on their behalf. They are just the best organization I know about, too. They get kids on bikes, and that’s really important to building a bicycle culture (which Chicago does not have). I’ve volunteered for Active Transportation Alliance, too. That’s a great way to get your foot in the bicycling industry. I think Tiny Fix is a great idea, as more women need to be bicycling to build a bicycle culture. 

What kind of riding do you do?

I’ve only ridden my bike to work, for work, and to go shopping and meet people. I’ve never toured, I’ve ridden a mountain bike on a course just twice, and I’ve never ridden on a track (but I’m hoping that will change for 2012). I used to work for CDOT and I had to bike around to every neighborhood and ward to find places to put bike racks. It was an amazing experience and I got to see every corner of the city. 


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