Sup QT Special Edition: KC Needs a Partner for Sadie Hawkins

Hey so it’s bout time one of us Tiny Fix girls gets to enjoy being in an alley cat, not just throwing one.  But since the other girls will be busy working at the Block Party Bike Jam showin off some of our awesome new merch (made by yours truly) and generally helping out with the Bicycle Film Festival, I’m in need of a partner for the Sadie Hawkins Style Ride.

This is what I wore last year, it was our first alley cat ever. And we threw together those costumes hung over an hour before registration. Needless to say, we won “top rookies”

Now I can’t promise we’d win the top speed categories, I’m fast, but not that fast.  But I can offer my skills as a master seamstress with access to an entire fabrication shop at work, so we could have some badass costumes.  For example, here’s the Halloween costume I threw together Friday evening in like 45 minutes at work:

Chicago flag fairy wings, sure why not?

    So if you think you’ve got a killer costume idea, or wanna see just how fast I can try to pedal my little legs to keep up with you, shoot me an email at or DM me on twitter @kc_winter

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  • Daniel Freed October 31, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    Do you still need a partner?? I tried emailing you, but I got a failure to deliver message back. I have posted this in a few places trying to reach you, so hope this isn’t overkill. I am a bike messenger in NYC, I was born and raised in Chicago, and I am here through Sunday visiting my mom. I cant understand why you’d be having a problem finding somebody, but If you still need a fast partner, I would love to race with you!!! Let me know….


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