Sup QT: Michigan Mountain Biker Seeks Chicago Cyclist


Michelle is a cute girl who contacted us because she feels a kinship with Tiny Fix. Like us, she’s a rad girl who doesn’t put up with any bullshit and loves riding her bike. Unlike us, she’s five nine. It weirds her out a little to be the taller person in a relationship (an issue none of us have ever really had to deal with), but she’s down to accept dates with dudes who are shorter than her because she’s easy going like that.

She’s from Michigan, she likes mountain biking, and you can woo her by emailing her. That’s all it takes! Can we recommend taking her to Maria’s bar in Bridgeport so she can cop a gluten free beer, and discussing all your weird favorite places in Chicago?

If you want to be featured in Sup QT so you can cop your own bike kid feels, email me with the answers to these questions, plus an alluring photo of yourself.

Read on to find out more about Michelle. And then email her, you pussy.

-How long have you lived in Chicago? What brought you here?

 I have lived here just over a year. I came here to work after I graduated from college in the spring of 2011.

-Describe the ideal bike ride you’d take your date on.

Take me around Chicago and show me some of your favorite places that are not well known. I have  few of my own, but I know there are many more in the city. I also enjoy longer rides, I have heard the ride to botanical gardens is fun but I haven’t done it yet. 

-What organizations are you involved in and passionate about?  

So far in Chicago I have done a lot with Couch Surfing and The Chainlink. I’m involved with Couch Surfing because it is a really good way to meet people, and I have used the website a lot in my travels. I like the Chainlink because I meet other cyclists and they are usually fun people. 

-Tell us what kind of riding you do.

Originally I am a mountain biker. I used to live in northern Michigan where they have some of the best trails around. Once I moved to the city I bought a road bike and learned to street ride. It scared the shit out of me at first. Now I mostly ride for recreation around town, run errands and attend social events all via bike. I have dabbled a bit in racing with mountain bike races and a few road races. I much prefer mountain biking, but things have changed since moving to the city.

Anything else?

I enjoy discovering Chicago (since I am still relatively new). I never turn down an invite to a show- comedy, music, theater or otherwise. I keep an open mind and am not quick to judge. I wake up obscenely early on weekdays for work. I will dance when I am in the right mood. I am tall. I love adventure. I am from Michigan and miss the people there very much. I am not afraid of dirt. .

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