Sup QT: Joe Sak

Sup QT is Tiny Fix’s answer to spring fever, y’all. We have some rad single friends. Some of you out there might be looking for some cute bike folk to grab a six pack and watch the fireflies with. So we’re profiling single Chicagoans. Click here for all the background story on Sup QT and details on how to email me with a submission.


Today’s submission comes to us from Joe Sak, who I met a million years ago when he was organizing his annual charity bike wash, where he masterminds a team wielding sudsy buckets, spray bottles of cleaner, and miles of rags and paper towels who donate all profits to a different educational charity every year.

Joe rides a  surly long haul trucker which is forest green with a mandarin orange brooks saddle & leather bar tape, cream SKS full size fenders, rack and pannier built to withstand a monsoon.

The dude slangs code for Neoteric Design and volunteers for Open Books.

Write him to ask if he wants to grab a Two-Hearted or maybe ride around a bit, and read on to read some of our interview with him.


Describe the ideal bike ride you’d take your date on.


Probably a fun group ride at first, to see if they’re cool and fun just as a friend in the first place, so something like marauders or FBC. Then, if we’re both still interested, I’d want to ride somewhere really quiet and pretty while making stops to hit a bottle of whiskey and a one-hitter. That north-branch trail up to the botanical gardens is a good example of this.

You’ve been in Chicago for four years. What brought you here?


I moved here from Michigan because I lived in a rotating-door college town where my friends moved away every 4 years. In 2008, it was finally my turn.
 When I was driving to MLPS one fine November day, I had to drive through Chicago on 90/94 and I said, “One day, Chicago, I will put my bike in you.” So I did, and I never pulled out.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago and why are they so delicious?

I don’t really frequent a favorite restaurant, but I’ve been to a whole bunch. I’d have to go with Kuma’s because I’ve been there the most times and it is consistently the first place that I insist all my visitors and newcomers go to.


  • kaz July 7, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    I’d also like to point out that Joe is super nice and funny and helps me with my current attempts to learn how to code. Joe Sak is a kaz-approved dude!

  • Joe July 23, 2012 at 3:25 am

    haha hi : ) thanks girls love you

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