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If you’re anything like us, naked people in your bed are the only form of heat you can afford in the winter besides bonfires and standing over subway grates. Being single in winter sucks. 

Let Tiny Fix help you out! Sup QT is our attempt to profile single Chicagoans who ride bikes so that other single cyclists out there could find a cute person to snuggle with during those long cold nights.

Previously, we’ve profiled Steve Vance, a tall, slim, fit, smart as a whip gay dude who is passionate about urban planning and transportation who would love for other like minded gentleman to email him or hit him up on Twitter.

Multiple Tiny Fix girls are also happy to vouch for Joe Sak, who is one of the sweetest, most supportive, enthusiastic dudes we know. I know that sounds like we’re all in love with him, but sadly it’s all platonic and we’re waiting for a rad girl to drop him an email so we can live vicariously.

Please email me with your own Sup QT submission so I can make you look like a glamorous superstar anyone would be stoked to take out for pie or a drink or whatever. I need a decent photo of you and for you to answer the following questions, more or less.

Please send your answers to these questions to lorenarama (at) gmail.

-How long have you lived in Chicago? What brought you here?

-What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago and why are they so delicious?

-Weird pet peeve that will send you screaming from a date?

-Describe the ideal bike ride you’d take your date on.

-What organizations are you involved in and passionate about? Your work? A racing team? A non-profit you volunteer for? Dish.

-Tell us what kind of riding you do; commuting, delivery work, cross, track, BMX, mountain biking, touring, etc.

-If you could only drink ONE drink at ONE Chicago bar for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Email me with a submission today. I’ll keep you updated on when it’s getting posted.

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