spring cleaning

I was just talking with Cupcake about bike maintenance, and admitted that although our friend Desiree taught me to swap out my tube/tire an age ago, I haven’t changed my own tire in… basically forever. (Although that’s really, happily due to my wondrous luck avoiding flats. Seriously, I haven’t had a flat in over a year, knock wood.)

If given a nudge, though, this list of 12 basic bike repairs by Bicycling Magazine would not be too hard for me to undertake. Basic tools you’ll need for this whole buffet of maintenance tasks are:

  • hex wrench
  • chain lube
  • electrical tape and bar tape (if you’re retaping bars, obvs)
  • adjustable wrench
  • spoke wrench

And I bet you have all those things at home already, dude. You can YouTube the repairs and maintenance to your heart’s content for visual step-by-step, but this is a nice guide of what you can keep up with yourself, and what you should take in to the shop and be like “it is weird and bad, fix it please”.

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