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Tiny Fix is a bike gang run by female fixed gear cyclists who work on making Chicago’s bike scene more inclusive and, more importantly, way more fun. We blog here at tinyfixbikegang.com, organize bar nights, alleycats, and group rides, and volunteer for bike events.

We are lucky to have several really amazing companies that sponsor our events. Please spend your dollars with them as a thank you for providing the food, prizes, t-shirts, and more that you’ve enjoyed!









Sponsor Tiny Fix

We work hard to support the independent business people who make our whiskey-drinking, custom-messenger-bag wearing, sweet-bike-riding life possible. We are your patrons. We use your products and talk about them with our friends. We like you. We wouldn’t be asking you to support us if we didn’t believe in you.

We’ve got lots of connections to the Chicago bike scene, and just as importantly, we are reaching out to all the cyclists out there that don’t consider themselves part of the “bike scene” — women especially, but we love everyone!

If you have a product or business that you think we and our friends/fans/readers would connect with, we want to hear from you! Want to send us a product to review? We promise to review it thoroughly and honestly, and take as good care of it as we do our own dear-to-our-hearts bike stuff. Want to sponsor one of our events by donating a product, gift certificate, or service? We’ll put your logo on event flyers, post about you here on Tiny Fix, and give you a shoutout on our Facebook page.

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