Serbags Canvas Messenger Bag Review

ignore the ugly office chair

ignore the ugly office chair

We at Tiny Fix love bags. Cupcake has her Seagull bag that has seen more use than any carrying device in the history of mankind. I love my Mission Workshop Rambler and Mission Workshop Monty. We love Trash Bags and Vaya Bags too.

But for me, sometimes I don’t need the fully-teched-out waterproof carry-everything-you-own-plus-a-six-pack kind of bag. Sometimes I’m just going to the bar, and it’s not raining, and I just need something to carry a wallet, phone, and lock. And maybe I’m not going for the bike kid livin’-on-the-streets chain-lube-running-through-my-veins look where a hip pouch would fit in. Sometimes I want something functional AND cute. So sue me.

So when Serbags contacted us and asked us if we wanted to review one of their canvas messenger bags, I was all in. They sent me this Army Vintage 15″ Bike Messenger Laptop Bag and I put it through the paces for a few weeks.

Overall, this is a functional, utilitarian, well-made canvas bag. It has a shit-ton of pockets of various sizes and usefulness, and looks pretty cool.


  • Lightweight canvas makes it easy to carry around.
  • Wide leather-reinforced strap is comfortable on the shoulder.
  • Two big front pockets fit my u-lock and tire leash easily (better than my Mission Workshop Monty, even).
    u-lock and leash? check.

    u-lock and leash? check.

  • The front pocket is also the perfect size for my mini iPad.

    ipad mini? check.

    ipad mini? check.

  • Fits my laptop in a sleeve easily with plenty of room for more stuff.
  • Leather-reinforced bottom corners should help durability.
  • I’m finding I love the flap pockets on the sides of the bag for quick access to things.


  • It’s a little too big for my needs.
  • Not waterproof.
  • With the strap as small as it can get, it still hangs lower on my small body than I’d like, which makes my back/shoulders ache after several miles on the bike.
  • The little strappy things on the front flap hit me in the face if I lift the flap with too much gusto. I have yet to stop doing this to myself. Granted, I’m kind of an idiot.
bluetooth mouse photobooth selfie woo

bluetooth mouse photobooth selfie woo

This bag has become my go-to bag for going to work if I’m not riding my bike (when I ride to work I shower and change at the office so I am more of a rack and panniers girl for bike commuting lately.) And I love it for riding to a show or the bar or whatever. It’s a little big to use as an everyday purse but I hate switching bags so I’ve even been using it for that lately. In all, I think if I were looking for a canvas stylish yet functional bag I would absolutely check out Serbags’ offerings, and would probably consider a slightly smaller bag, or waxed canvas for some water resistance.

Full disclosure: Serbags contacted Tiny Fix and sent us this bag at no charge to review. This review is my full, honest opinion after carrying it around for a few weeks.

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