Quickie Fall Cycling Gear Post

Fall is here in all its windy, leafy, chilly glory. I love it! Personally, I think it’s the best season for biking. But if you’ve only biked on warm summer days, you might wonder just how to dress for those days when it’s as low as 35 first thing in the morning but could warm up to 55 in the afternoon. I know some of my peeps are already busting out the lobster mittens and winter boots, but I’m not there yet. Wear layers, turn to wool or other performance fabrics, but don’t overdress or you’ll sweat too much and get chilled.


Here’s my fall cycling gear list – aka what I’m wearing in that dorky picture up there:

  1. Knee high Smartwool socks, like these
  2. Bike shorts (with chamois)
  3. Sugoi Firewall 220 tights, some sizes on closeout at REI
  4. REI light base layer shirt
  5. North Face softshell jacket (can’t find the exact one but it’s pretty light weight; something like this)
  6. Random scarf
  7. Merino wool cycling cap with ear flaps
  8. Pearl Izumi Cyclone gel gloves (not pictured, but look no stupid flowers!)
  9. Extra pair of socks + bike shoes because I haven’t switched out to platforms+clips/straps yet but my only clipless bike shoes let lots of cold wind through.

Yesterday morning (temp ~33) I was pretty chilly and kinda wished I had one more layer on – maybe some wool tights under the Sugoi pants. But it was very survivable once I got moving and my hands and feet and head were fine. Going home (temp ~45) I was perfectly comfortable; the 15mph tailwind helped. Today (temp ~55) I’d lose the scarf and wool hat.

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