Long Socks for Thick Legs and Big Calves

Sock It To Me socks & Gremlin Puppy
this is an old photograph

My legs are rapidly becoming too gross and muscley for my immense knee sock collection. Seriously. In the year and a half I’ve been riding fixed gear almost-exclusively, my calves have outgrown the vast majority of socks I own.

Thankfully, all the socks I own from Sock It To Me still fit. Not only do they still stretch around my gross meat tubes, but even the oldest, most worn pairs still haven’t busted through the toes or heels. They are extremely high quality and legit as hell, and I can actually roll them up past my gastrocnemius.

-Socks with intarsia patterns-elaborate, multicolored designs like this (bikes!!!) or this (jellyfish!!!)-don’t fit my legs anymore. This is not brand specific; socks with intarsia patterns tend to be less stretchy because of all the extra threads running through them.

Their stripey socks fit a little snugger than they used to, and ride a little lower, but they still all fit, which is amazing. 

They make extra stretchy plus-sized socks! This is really rare for a sock company, and a godsend for chicks with wicked calves.

 I wish more clothing companies bothered with extended sizing for us ladies whose mad back doesn’t stop at our big asses and extends down to our thick calves. I am honestly worried about a future where I have even more trouble buying socks that fit me-I find myself passing over lots of pairs I like because they don’t fit-so the fact that Sock It To Me already has girls with mad calves in mind makes me feel reassured.

The material the socks are knitted from is durable, and good for spring to fall, but it’s not warm enough for winter, when you have to roll out the big guns to keep your toes from freezing off. It’s February right now, and I live in Chicago, so we’re in the thick of tediously shit weather. I’ve been layering  knee high Smartwool socks under Smartwool tights, and it’s boring black-black-black wool on wool on wool, but it keeps the frostbite away.

I’ve been trying to find some more socks that will fit. Y’all know Sock Guy,, right? They make all those thick luxe socks with rad designs you see creeping up the extremely sexy legs of bike dudes everywhere. 


It turns out the Sock Guy also makes some super cute midcalf and knee socks. A lot of them are made for skiing and snowboarding, which are more padded then I prefer for cycling; they’re meant to fit into ski boots, not sneakers, and wrestling my Pearl Izumi tights on is hard enough already. But I just ordered the acrylic blend black crew socks with an apparition of La Virgen on them and midcalf wool socks with prisoner stripes and pink lightning bolts, and I’ll report back with how I like them.

FCC DISCLOSURE BIZNATCH: Long before Tiny Fix ever existed, I took a lot of outfit photographs of myself. Sock It To Me socks noticed I was a fan and sent me some free socks in exchange for photographs of me wearing them out and about. Other than that, I was not compensated for this post by either SITM or Sock Guy. I just really like socks.


  • Emily February 13, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Have you checked out sockdreams.com? They always have information like height, calf or thigh circumference, etc.

  • ridonrides February 15, 2013 at 1:21 am

    i don’t ride fixed gear, but also have enormous calves. wearing a size 6.5/7 shoe doesn’t help either. i think manufacturers assume small feet, small calves. i can’t find any fashion knee high boots either, because they refuse to zip. like your keds in this picture btw.


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