• Charles Herrick December 4, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    As a continuation of the previous chain lube alert I am posting the “Top 30” ( atleast that Velo News rated ) which is only tangentially related to this Tour but it could have.
    1> Parafin Wax 2. Rock-n-Roll Gold Chain Lube 3. Rock-n-Roll Absolute Dry 4. Triflow Soy Lube 5. Finish Line Dry Teflon
    6. White Lightning Wet Ride 7. Finish Line Ceramic Wet Lube
    8. Triflow Dry Lube 9. Pedro’s Ice Wax 10. Phil Wood Tenacious OIL 11. Rock-n-Roll Super Slick Grease 12. Chain-L 13. Buzzy’s
    Slick Honey Grease 14. Phil’s Bio-Lube 15. Pedro’s Chain J
    16. 3-in-1 Motor Oil 17. AGS Motor & Bearing Oil 18. Finish
    Line Ceramic Grease 19. Pedro’s GO 20. Finish Line Ceramic Wax
    21. TriFlow Std Lube Drip 22. Boeshield T-9 23. 3-in-1 General Purpose 24. TriFlow Aerosol 25. Dumonde Tech Lite
    26. WD-40 Aerosol 27. ProLink chain lube 28. Park Tool Cl-1
    29. GT-85 Aerosol 23. White Lightning Epic Ride.
    These are the results of the “Efficiency Test”: Frictional losses on Friction Facts equipment. The range was less than 5 watts for Parafin and above 8 watts for #30 Epic Ride.
    They only tested 8 lubes for longevity with Parafin Wax finishing on top again followed by Park Tool Cl-1, Finish Line Ceramic Wet, Rock-n-Roll Gold, White Lightning Epic Ride Light, TriFlow Superior Soy, Buzzy’s Slick Honey Grease, Pedro’s Ice Wax.
    Weather conditions affect all of this I suppose but I suppose this is a starting point if efficiency is your #1 priority.

  • Charles Herrick January 13, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    Velo news has just tested 25 new lubes with their efficiency tests.
    1) Molten Speed WAx ( paraffin with PTFE etc added)
    2) Squirt the fastest drip lube
    3) Parrafin 2013 test
    4) Lilly Lube
    5) Rock n Roll Extreme
    6) Del Papa extra virgin olive oil
    7) Rock n Roll Gold 2013 test
    8) Fast Wax Hot Melt Flouro Wax
    9) Morgan Blue Rolls Pro
    10) Yelo Velo Milky White
    11) NFS
    12) Gnar Lube Black Sapphire
    13) Pedros Syn Lube
    14) Finish Line Wet
    15) Mobil 5W-20
    16) Redline Limited Slip Differential Friction Modifier
    17) Rand Momentum
    18) Triflow Dry 2013 test
    19) SpeedX
    20) WD40 Bike Dry Lube
    21) Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
    22) White Lightning Clean Ride
    23) Finish Line Ceramic Wax 2013 test
    24) Zoop Zinc Additive
    25) Diamonde Glide Extreme Pro
    26) Finish Line Stanchion Lube
    27) Progold Extreme
    28) Purple Extreme
    29) White Lightning Epic Ride 2013 test
    30) McLube SailKote

    No Durability tests this time.
    I almost got killed thanks to a utomobile who wasn’t looking and hit the rear tire on my bike after i had already traversed 40 feet of crosswalk in front of this SOB. The sleazebag cop said it was my fault that the driver was “surprised”


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