Introducing "Sup, QT," A Way for Tiny Fix to Get You Laid


I have some super-hot friends, and it amazes me that any of them are ever single at all. If I could date them all I could, but A) I’m already dating a insanely sexy bike messenger, and no one can really compete with that and B) we’d have to move to this polyamorous cult compound in the mountains and it’d be a real pain in the ass.

While drunk at a keg party, I vowed to get one of my friends laid, and the idea for this column was born.

“Sup, QT” will be a regular feature on Tiny Fix where we showcase single bike kids from Chicago looking to meet some new people and maybe get a little action.

 I think a lot of us have gotten to the point where we realize that in order to date someone, they really have to be someone who rides bikes. It’s not this snobby, elitist, anti-gas-guzzler holier-than-thou stance; it’s a lifestyle thing.  I feel weird about someone who drives a car everywhere in Chicago, and fuck if I’m taking three busses with you to go on a date to a restaurant a 20 minute bike ride away.

So, are you a eligible bachelor/ette? Let’s see!

-Must live in Chicago proper. None of this Glen Ellyn shit.

-Must ride bikezzz.

-Must answer at least some of the following questions and send a decently sized photo of themselves to lorenarama {at} gmail dot com.

-Tiny Fix is totally queer, polyamorous, and/or trans friendly. That might be something you want to talk about in your feature!

Click through to see the questions you should answer. This is just a prompt to get you started. You don’t have to answer all of them. I may post your answers to the question verbatim, interview style, or I might use them to create a short write-up about you. Feel free to include any other information you want to include.

-Strictly dickly, clam jam, or the bisexual buffet?

-We all know bikes are way sexier than people. Tell us about your favorite bike. (Include a picture if you have one; photo of the bike is rad; photo of you with the bike? Total masturbation fodder)

-How long have you lived in Chicago? What brought you here?

-What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago and why are they so delicious?

-Weird pet peeve that will send you screaming from a date?

-Describe the ideal bike ride you’d take your date on.

-What organizations are you involved in and passionate about? Your work? A racing team? A non-profit you volunteer for? Dish.

-Tell us what kind of riding you do; commuting, delivery work, cross, track, BMX, mountain biking, touring, etc.

-If you could only drink ONE drink at ONE Chicago bar for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Remember, send your answers and a flattering photo to lorenarama {at} I’ll let you know when your entry has been posted, and then you can watch the offers to bear your children come rolling in.

And for anyone wondering where the name “Sup, QT” came from, I’m not sure how it originated, but pretty much anyone who posts on Chi FG will recognize it as the greeting any girl ever is greeted with.


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