Giro Aeon Helmet Update

Photo by Kaitlyn Tierney

I just wanted to update my Giro Aeon helmet review now that I’ve been wearing it a few months and now that we’re coming into winter.

-Perfect fit thanks to the Roc Loc 5 dial.  I can even adjust the fit so it’ll accommodate certain hairstyles; I’m not saying you can fit a beehive underneath it, but you can have a few bobby pins in your hair without them being plunged into your skull once you put the helmet on. If you can’t find one in a LBS to try on before ordering, try on a Giro Atmos instead; the fit is very similar.

Now that it’s colder, I’ve found that I can fit a winter hat under it really easily and comfortably with just a few cranks of the Roc Loc 5 dial, and it’s really handy and awesome. Having a proper fitting helmet is one of the best ways to protect your noggin, and the fact that the same size helmet can carry me from summer to winter is dope. I would like to not lose my ears to frostbite this winter, so I’m happy how comfortable my helmet is with a cap on underneath.

I can also fit a baseball cap under it when it rains, and since I wear glasses (and have awful vision without them) being able to keep my lenses relatively dry is important to me.

-That Pro-Tec skateboard helmet you bought for $25? You can let that dangle off the back of your messenger bag, drop it, lock it up and not worry about it. Helmets like the Aeon are much more fragile; they’re built to be JUST as strong as they need to be for one impact, after which they need to be replaced. Even just ordinary wear and tear will mean it needs to be replaced in a few years of riding accident free; and the exposed EPS foam edges on the helmet’s back and underside will start showing wear after a few months.

When I first got it I was treating it like a fucking Faberge egg, but now that I’ve gotten drunk and sent it skittering across concrete multiple times, I’m ok with the fact that it will survive a normal amount of clumsiness without having to be completely scrapped. I’m still as careful as I can be, and I still accept the it will need to be replaced in a few years. Let’s hope I make it the long before cracking it in a major accident, anyway.

I still stand behind everything else I said in the review and I still think this is a really crazy rad helmet that I would recommend to anyone who likes hella pro shit and dislikes showing up to work with buckets of sweat pouring down their neck or frost bitten ears.


  • Joe Lindner January 25, 2013 at 6:39 am

    Totally agree with on your review. Love the Aeon! Like your styling, too!

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