Gearcrush: Pure Purist Edition

Mythical State of Jefferson Permanent Brovet Water Bottle – $10

Specialized’s Purist water bottles are the standard among cyclists the world over. Nobody wants a bottle so stiff that you can’t dump cold water over your head during a long ride, or a funky plastic that leeches off-flavors and harmful chemicals into your water. But you still want to look cool while you’re cooling off, and so today I’m posting a round up of the most coveted bottles out there.

Tenafly Bicycle Workshop Rastafari Race Limited Edition Water Bottle – $12

Please note that water bottles are an item that small companies and teams will order one limited edition bulk order of; when they’re sold out, they’re sold out.

LOOK! Save A Life Purist Water Bottle – $10

So if there’s a bottle out there you like, I suggest buying it. All of these bottles are still available as of publication. If I was allowing myself to select waterbottles you can’t buy anymore, this would be all Johnny Hsu designs and the Gage + Desoto Sriracha classic.

Poler Bike Water Bottle – $12

I also suggest not paying more than $15 tops, for a design you love. As you’ll see, most Purist bottles are priced between ten and twelve. I’ve seen teams charge up to $20, and that’s cool or whatever, but I’m not including those in the roundup because that is horseshit highway robbery.

And if you’ve been relying on drinking before and after rides, let me tell you how wonderful a water bottle is during the summer. I dropped my kewl streamlined fixie standardz and put a water bottle cage on my bike and life was never the same. I am actually hungover way less often because I’m not incredibly dehydrated all the time, and I save money at the bar because I can just drink water instead of reflexively ordering another beer. Waterbottles are not just for roadies doing long rides! It’s also for lazy fuck-ups who ride their bike to and from shows at The Empty Bottle and carboload on Peanut Butter Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Gage + Desoto Summertime Purist Bottle – $9.95

Longtime messenger/mountain biker and friend of Tiny Fix Josh Trippz sent in this tip: fill a semi-filled bottle of water and freeze it. Try tucking it into a back pocket of your jersey for a little homebrew air conditioning on those sweaty days.

Stay hydrated, duders.

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