Gearcrush: Hi Viz Whiz Edition

Chari & Co Neon Green Classic Watch Cap – $25

We all know what it’s like. A car swerves out of their lane to turn and nearly crushes your tender bones to Nutella, and you hear obscenities pour forth in a voice that sounds much like your own albeit more panicked and shrill than you’d like to take ownership of. The driver holds up a palm or gives a noncommittal shrug, and apologetically calls out, “I didn’t see you!”

Fuck that noise, you Facebook-notification-checking, nose-picking, worthless piece of shit. Maybe you should check that a space is empty ***before*** you pilot your multi-ton death machine into it. Last time I checked, I wasn’t a chameleon, and I didn’t inherit my dead wizard dad’s Cloak of Invisibility. I don’t really think you have an excuse for trying to run me over. But if shit ever gets bloody, and we ever end up in a court of law, I don’t want to be explaining to a judge why I was wearing a black hoodie, black shoes, black pants, and no lights or helmet. I want that powdered wig motherfucker to be looking at the driver with the same look of “Are you fucking kidding me?” that I am.

That’s where hi viz comes in.

Giro Atmos in Bright Green – $180

Yeah. Go ahead. Say you didn’t see me. That’s basically the same as admitting you weren’t looking.

PS – I reviewed the Aeon, a high end Giro helmet that’s very similar to the Atmos.

Ten Speed Hero Team Jersey – $100

If I write one more love letter to Ten Speed Hero, it’s going to get creepy. So I’m just going to say this: this jersey is sick.

Troy Lee Designs Womens Ace Jersey in Fluorescent Yellow – $58

I absolutely love this copy from the product page for this jersey: “You spoke up and we answered. No flowers, no butterflies, just the bold, aggressive styling you want and expect from Troy Lee Designs.”

If you say the word “hibiscus flowers” to any female cyclist I know, they start rolling their eyes harder than they roll their wheels. I don’t know a single woman who feels like women’s cycling apparel needs more pink or flowers or girly flourishes. We do need more practical, stylish apparel with clean lines and no bullshit, and this mountain bike jersey is the perfect thing for hitting the trails.

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