Cuttin Crew Classic 2014: Thunder Road to NACCC: August 22-28

Chicago Cuttin Crew Classic 2011
Photo from Cuttin Crew Classic 2011 by Chris Dilts

This year, the North American Cycle Courier Championships will be held in the land of Grain Belt, Pizza Luce, and hidden swimming holes: Minneapolis. Here in Chicago, our very own Cuttin Crew will be helping you gear up for the showdown of the century with a hot weekend of racing and a supported group ride to glory across the Midwest.

Details, locations, et cetera are still spotty so make sure you check in on the Facebook event often to keep updated!

Friday, August 22nd

7:00 PM: Crosstown Hustle

$5 Re-vamp of the CMWC 2012 alley cat with a little twist!

9:00 PM: CBMA After Party

Brag about how you won the crosstown, shoot some dice, and drink some booze. location TBA.

Chicago Cuttin Crew Classic 2011
Photo from Cuttin Crew Classic 2011 by Chris Dilts

Saturday, August 23rd

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM” Registration

Bring $15, your bike, and your inflated sense of self-worth to 4-Star Courier Collective and get yourself registered for the big show!

12:00 PM: Group ride to Main Race

Chicago Cuttin Crew Classic 2011
Photo from Cuttin Crew Classic 2011 by Chris Dilts

12:30 PM: Main Race Start

3:30 PM: Main Race Finish

Tiny Fixers KC & Lorena Cupcake at CMWC Messenger Prom 2012.

Messenger Prom 8pm-You Can’t Handle Anymore

DJ’s, booze, dancing, and prizes. Prom King. Prom Queen. Best Dressed. Crosstown. Main Race. Most Professional. DFL. Bring your freshest gear and party like you’re not about to ride a few hundred miles through the Midwest to compete in the NACCC…

Sunday, August 24th

Begin the journey to the NACCC….

We will be providing you with vehicle support to carry all your belongings each day until we make it to MPLS, as well as to assist you if for any reason you can’t get to camp (bike mechanicals, injury, etc). There will be campsites provided, but you are responsible for your camping gear (sleeping bag, tent, etc).

Each rider will receive a route map for the day and details about the campsites. We will try and provide some food along the way, but bring money for groceries to bring back to camp. Part of our route scouting involves making sure there are places to get food along the way.

There is NO REGISTRATION FEE FOR THE RIDE. However, if you plan on doing the ride PLEASE RSVP to nico@fourstarcourier re: Group Ride so we know how many people we will be looking to accommodate.

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks as we will be posting the route as well as things like grocery stores, restaurants along the way, and cool Midwest sights to see.

Thursday, August 28th


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