Cupcake’s Fixed Gear Jamis Sputnik


Listen, I’m five foot one, broke as fuck, and care more about my bike getting me around than inspiring jealousy. This bike isn’t a two-toned Kalavinka or a vintage Colnago. But it’s seen me through car accidents, major thefts, and a thousand rainstorms, blizzards, and drunk rides home. I’ve replaced every single part of it at least once besides the cranks, straps, and headset. And for once, after a fresh coat of paint and a a few upgrades, it’s actually looking pretty cute.

I know slowly building a bike like this up over years doesn’t have the same instant reward as those cheap-as-fuck fixies in coordinated candy colors, but I’m happy with it. Hopefully some other short girls out there who are frustrated with the limited options in bike shops are inspired to make their bikes their own.

FRAME: Jamis Sputnik

PAINTJOB: Heritage Bicycles

SADDLE: Selle San Marco Concor Light with titanox rails

HEADSET: Chris King

HANDLEBARS: Origin 8 Urban Rise

STEM: Velo Orange

GRIPS: Lizard Skin

WHEELSET: Just whatever my friends had kicking around after my wheelset got jacked.

FRONT QR SKEWER: On Guard makes a pretty cool set of skewers where you don’t need a special key for them, but they’re impossible to open unless the bike is upside down (which you can’t do when the bike is locked). I haven’t seen it in shops much, but any shop should be able to order them for you.

CRANKSET: Eighth Inch. Trippz won them in a race and never used them because the crank arms are 160mm (most people use at least 165mm). I’m short and it was free, so they work.

STRAPS: Hold Fast

PEDALS: Fyxation

FENDERS: Planet Bike

WATERBOTTLE: Specialized Purist from Boda Boda



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