Your New Commuting Theme Song


Here you go my lovelies.  It’s your new commuting jam. You’re welcome.


To the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor



Bike, bike bike bike, bike bike bike, bike bike biiiiiike 5x

Riding up, bike on the street
Making time, taking chances
Went the distance, now I’m back on Kinzie
Just a bike and my will to survive

So many times it happens too fast
You trade your passion for a dooring
Don’t lose your grip on your bars as you pass
You must fight just to keep riding by


It’s the time of the biker
It’s the thrill of the ride
Ridin’ tough through the streets of Chicago
And the last known survivor
Runs her bike through the light
And she’s watching you all with the eye of the rider

Foot to bike, out in the heat
Hanging tough, getting hungry
We snack a lot
Then we take to the street
With the skills and the will to survive


Ridin’ up straight to the shop
Had the guts, rode my Surly
Went the distance
Now I’m not gonna stop
Just my bike and the will to survive


The eye of the rider 4x

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Smell Ya Later, Tiny Fix


If you’ve noticed that it’s been all weeds and crickets around here at Tiny Fix lately, you’re not the only one. I’ve often been frustrated when blogs stop updating regularly without explanation, so I wanted to let our readership what’s been going on with Tiny Fix, and with me, personally.

Tiny Fix still exists! We post links we find interesting frequently on our Facebook page, our Twitter is still active, and our nine members will continue to post bike-related articles as inspiration strikes.

Events and posts may become less frequent, however. The reason behind this are myriad. Only two people showed up to our last alleycat. I have personally become less involved with the bike scene. And, as the member of Tiny Fix who used to make sure that we had at least one post a week and that all alleycats that I heard about were posted, I no longer have an interest in maintaining that posting schedule.

I know, I’m a jerk. I still love riding my bike! I still have u-locks tattooed between my shoulders! But I honestly have written mostly everything I have to write about bikes, and biking. I’m moving onto other projects that I find more fulfilling, either because they’re new to me and hence more interesting, or because they pay me.

I will continue posting on Tiny Fix as inspiration strikes, and so will our other members (who are awesome and rad and better writers than me). In the meantime, please check out the other resources I have gathered below.

Always Yours in Scummy Bike Punkdom,



Store Brand Soda: If you like the way I rounded up events and commented on culture within Chicago’s bike scene, you may enjoy reading me do the same thing for Chicago’s DIY punk scene. It’s a blur of basement shows, in-stores, all ages dance parties, sweaty jean vests, leather jackets, 7″s and cassette tapes someone dubbed in their bedroom. I’m really excited about writing for it in the way that I used to be for Tiny Fix, and I really think you should check it out.

I Have Tourette Syndrome and CBiT Changed My Life: A long form, incredibly personal article about my struggle to live a healthy life with the neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome.

I Used Clothing As Armor But Now I’m Using It To Express Myself: An article for xoJane about how my anxiety and gender identity have impacted how I dress myself.

Check Out These Diverse Punk Bands I’ve Rounded Up Just For You: A beginner’s primer on the importance of QTPOC representation in punk, as well as a ton of recommendations for really awesome bands that don’t fit the “three or four straight white cis dudes” mold.


Don’t Bike Like A Dickweed: 10 Rules for New Cyclists

The Gender Candy Store: Biking While Genderqueer

A #BikeWinter Outfit, Layer by Layer (Slightly NSFWish)

The Epic Tiny Fix Guide to #BikeWinter

If My Dumb Ass Can Bike in Winter, So Can You

Talent and What You Think is Pretty Have Nothing to Do with Each Other

Cupcake’s Fixed Gear Jamis Sputnik Bike Check

The Chicken Fried Guide: Opinions on Chicago’s Fried Chicken

Transformative Justice: Reforming Policing & Incarceration in Chicago

#BikeWinter Checklist: Should I Ride Today?

My First Bike Crash; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bombing Hills


Facebook: Not the most helpful answer, I know, but this is where I found out about 99% of the alleycats I used to post about. You have to do the work yourself now. Bummer.

Bike Jerks: Mostly MPLS-based events like Bandit Cross, Track or Treat (which is coming up!) etc

Chicago Cuttin Crew: The pink-kitted racers behind Messenger Prom, Chicago Cuttin Crew Classic, Chicago CMWC, etc

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C4: Chicago Cycle Courier Championship: Saturday, October 4th


Kind of an early warning for this one, but I figured I might as well post it before I forgot! Throw this banger on your calendar and check the Facebook Event for updates.

All details after the jump!

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Update to The Chicken Fried Guide

Photo of PQM’s Chicken & Waffles by Tiny Fixer KC

On Memorial Day, KC and I took our first ride together in months down to Publican Quality Meats for their Chicken & Waffles special. This impromptu brunch bikery has resulted in a slew of new content for Tiny Fix.

The Chicken Fried Guide, Tiny Fix’s Guide to Chicago’s Fried Chicken, has been updated with a review of the chicken and waffles you see above. And I’m currently working on an article about the super-secret-surprise shop visit we made to a new bike shop on our ride back northwest. Check back later this week to say hello to a new LBS!

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Spinlister – A Renter’s Guide

Somewhere between one and three times a year, I fly across the country. Inevitably my main goal is to ride a bike inside of wherever Point B is. In the past, I’ve eschewed shipping or flying with my own. Some airlines charge ridiculous prices that leave a broke ass nonprofit employee in a quite a state of SMH.

I don’t know if I can justify spending $$ getting my beater bike to my destination for more than it cost me to buy. Because of this, I am forever on the quest to properly find my tiny body a tiny bike to enjoy when on vacation.

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It’s tiny! And fixed!

You guys, it’s an adorable robot that rides a tiny fixed gear. No brakes.  If only those gyroscopes were in a little robot messenger bag though.  New mascot perhaps?

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