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I'm bionic.

I Tore My ACL

The first thing I say to people about tearing my ACL is “I don’t generally recommend it.” On a lovely fall day in October 2015, I and some girlfriends went to an apple picking farm for some wholesome fun. This particular farm has a jumping pillow: a huge inflated rubber pillow affixed to the ground that kids and adults can…

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Last Friday, Ricardo Capistrano was biking on North Avenue when he was hit by a dark-colored 4-door GMC or Chevrolet SUV traveling east on North Avenue and then making a left-hand turn onto Talman Avenue. He is currently hospitalized with a punctured lung and bleeding around his brain, in addition to other serious injuries. The driver who hit him has not been…

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Put it away.

Don’t Drive Like a Dickweed: 10 Rules for All Drivers

It may very well be that writing a How Not To Kill Cyclists With Your Car article on a bike website won’t really reach the intended audience. But hey, the last time we used the word dickweed in a title the article blew up, so here’s hoping. Me, to drivers Drivers need to learn how to behave around cyclists. And…

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Bikes Direct Bike Assembly Checklist

Pretty much every Tiny Fix babe gets asked for bike recommendations constantly. I’m personally actually kind of bad at them (unless you’re also five foot one and allergic to shifting gears), and a big reason why is that when you ask someone how much they’re looking to spend they generally say “$300-$500.” That sort of budget generally allows for one…

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spring cleaning

I was just talking with Cupcake about bike maintenance, and admitted that although our friend Desiree taught me to swap out my tube/tire an age ago, I haven’t changed my own tire in… basically forever. (Although that’s really, happily due to my wondrous luck avoiding flats. Seriously, I haven’t had a flat in over a year, knock wood.) If given…

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#BikeWinter Checklist: Should I Ride Today?

Oh, boy, it sure has been a minute since I wrote some words about bicycles at you! This is because I haven’t really been immersed in the bike scene lately; I got real tired of some gross bro tendencies that run through it like life blood, I made new friends, and I got a new non-bike-messenger boo and promptly did…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Through Winter Upright

  So, last year Cupcake put together an amazing guide to #bikewinter that, if you haven’t read by now, you should follow this post with immediately. In the meantime, though, and with ice fresh on the ground from last night’s snow-and-freeze, I wanted to put some suggestions out there for some folks who might want to power through this bizarro Disney…

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Rant Mode: ON Grar Level: 7

Bike Snob NYC yet again encapsulated how I feel about the cyclist vs. car debate in response to this piece of shit NYT opinion piece. Ugh, it makes me cry that I just used the phrase “cyclist vs. car.” As if it’s a zero sum game. As if it’s a debate with arguments of merit on both “sides”. As if…

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crash override

Want to help make streets safer? Yes! Collect better data about bike crashes? Yes! (Mmmmm, delicious data.) There’s a new website (but no mobile app, yet) from Willens Law Office that allows you to self-report bike accidents including weather/ light/ surface conditions, type of injury, and whether or not a police report was filed, AND you can do so anonymously…

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