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Proletarian Biking: A Guide to Dressing for the Weather

    Is your full time job not technically employment? Do you think $25k is a lot of money for just one person to make in a year? If so, this is the gear series for you. Welcome to Proletarian Biking: a broke bike kid’s guide to making the most out of your tiny income. I’m sure some of you…

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Know Your Dairy

Goin’ Campin’ : Get Yourself a Plan

  It’s warming up again (finally!) and that means one thing: Camping Season. I’m here to bring you the scoop on camping in the Chicago region. Some of you may remember Kaz’s post about this subject, and I highly recommend also checking that out. Last season, Tiny Fixers Anna and Lisa (me!), and a bunch of friends decided to go camping…

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Gearcrush: Pure Purist Edition

Mythical State of Jefferson Permanent Brovet Water Bottle – $10 Specialized’s Purist water bottles are the standard among cyclists the world over. Nobody wants a bottle so stiff that you can’t dump cold water over your head during a long ride, or a funky plastic that leeches off-flavors and harmful chemicals into your water. But you still want to look…

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Cupcake’s Fixed Gear Jamis Sputnik

Listen, I’m five foot one, broke as fuck, and care more about my bike getting me around than inspiring jealousy. This bike isn’t a two-toned Kalavinka or a vintage Colnago. But it’s seen me through car accidents, major thefts, and a thousand rainstorms, blizzards, and drunk rides home. I’ve replaced every single part of it at least once besides the…

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Bikes Direct Bike Assembly Checklist

Pretty much every Tiny Fix babe gets asked for bike recommendations constantly. I’m personally actually kind of bad at them (unless you’re also five foot one and allergic to shifting gears), and a big reason why is that when you ask someone how much they’re looking to spend they generally say “$300-$500.” That sort of budget generally allows for one…

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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Summer Round Up

As a Chicana from So Cal who could surf a solar flare and just get a really dark tan, I was never too shook about sunscreen until I covered my body with approximately a billion dollars in tattoos. I didn’t bleed out all over a guy with cobwebs tattooed on his scalp just to let my colorful artwork bake blurry,…

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Gearcrush: Hi Viz Whiz Edition

Chari & Co Neon Green Classic Watch Cap – $25 We all know what it’s like. A car swerves out of their lane to turn and nearly crushes your tender bones to Nutella, and you hear obscenities pour forth in a voice that sounds much like your own albeit more panicked and shrill than you’d like to take ownership of.…

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The Chicken Fried Guide: Opinions on Chicago’s Fried Chicken

I feel the way about fried chicken the way most people feel about pizza. Hell, I feel about fried chicken the way most people feel about world peace, endless riches, or finding their soul mate. Given that no one burns calories like cyclists, I thought I’d do a round-up of my favorite (…and least favorite) fried chicken joints in the…

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Gear Crush: Greyscale Edition

Mash SF Shop Crew Sweatshirt – $40 Ok, it’s still cold as fuck, and you’re going to want to ride out the rest of the endless winter in sweatshirt and fleece pajama pants. You have no idea how many concerts, parties, and booty calls I’ve passed up this winter to watch 1950s scare movies about teenage girl gangs while wrapped…

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Tiny Fix: The Bikes

This is the post that answers our most-asked question: “Hey Tiny Fix, I’m a smaller person too and I’m looking for a bike. What’s out there in our size?” Unless bike companies start sending us small bikes to review (HEY Y’ALL hit us up!), unfortunately it’s not possible for us to talk about every single tiny bike out there. But…

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