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It’s Like Tiny Fix’s Cooler Sister

You guys! I know we haven’t posted here in ages. We got super burned out on writing about bikes and throwing events, even though we’re all still regular cyclists. I think I’m a little late to the party but I just found out about FWOD (For Women Only, Duh) Chicago, a group that holds rides and alleycats for women/trans/GNC riders…

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Smell Ya Later, Tiny Fix

If you’ve noticed that it’s been all weeds and crickets around here at Tiny Fix lately, you’re not the only one. I’ve often been frustrated when blogs stop updating regularly without explanation, so I wanted to let our readership what’s been going on with Tiny Fix, and with me, personally. Tiny Fix still exists! We post links we find interesting…

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Girl Crush: Mary Kay Chin of San Francisco

So, a few months ago, I got on a plane and accompanied my partner to the always lovely San Francisco. Being a cyclist, the trip was an exciting one. In comparison to Chicago, the vast majority of the drivers I found myself sharing the road with were used to the presence of cyclists and moved a lot slower around me…

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A Bit About Solidarity

Considering how in-your-face snarky we can be around here, it’s surprising that the most personal, hurtful, and below-the-belt criticism Tiny Fix members have received has been from women. I want to talk about this without getting too Mama Bear Mode: Engaged, even though when you mess with my girls I basically just want to beat your ass. Valerie via Compfight…

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Tiny Fix Moms, part 1

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!   My mom’s first bicycle was a 3-speed Hercules.  It was blue, was a women’s style (suitable for wearing a skirt), with fenders and had a generator hub to power a headlight.  They called these bikes “English Racers” because they had skinny tires and more than one gear.  She rode it around her neighborhood in Washington DC,…

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Dirty Kids Have More Fun

Drew Nowhere is a bike punk who camps with his dogs in the woods, smokes blunts over epic desert vistas, makes tofu scramble out of a back pack, tattoos his own thigh, and takes devastatingly beautiful photos. This is lifestyle porn for those of us who fantasize about quitting our jobs and hitting the road with a touring bike. You…

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Girlcrush: Krys Blakemore

Krys Blakemore is a cyclist, bike mechanic, and badass I have had a huge girlcrush on forever. She’s one of the girls, fixing bikes in Dickies work dresses, working chaingrease into the crevices of elaborately painted nails, and getting rad tattoos on across her arms and thighs. She’s one of the boys, drinking hard in dive bars and riding bikes…

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Girlcrush: We Still Love Elissa Steamer

If you’ve been following along with our mentions of Elissa Steamer, you might be wondering why we’re such big fans of her. Check her bomb down the crazy twisty steep hill on her skateboard at the end of this video, and you’ll understand why.

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Girlcrush: Teenage Surf Girls

Back in 1998, Susan Orlean wrote an amazing article for the Fall 1998 edition of Women Outside about the teenage surfer girls of Maui that invokes the same daredevil sisterhood I love about cycling. Sometimes watching them I couldn’t believe that they could head out so offhandedly into the ocean; this ocean, which had rolls of white water coming in…

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