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Racing Against Myself

This August I competed in my first ever sanctioned road race. If any of you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know the scale of the unexpected identity crisis this set off for me. While I feel like I’ve largely chilled out about this, I’ve still got a lot of reservations about what this means about me as a…

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I'm bionic.

I Tore My ACL

The first thing I say to people about tearing my ACL is “I don’t generally recommend it.” On a lovely fall day in October 2015, I and some girlfriends went to an apple picking farm for some wholesome fun. This particular farm has a jumping pillow: a huge inflated rubber pillow affixed to the ground that kids and adults can…

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Last Friday, Ricardo Capistrano was biking on North Avenue when he was hit by a dark-colored 4-door GMC or Chevrolet SUV traveling east on North Avenue and then making a left-hand turn onto Talman Avenue. He is currently hospitalized with a punctured lung and bleeding around his brain, in addition to other serious injuries. The driver who hit him has not been…

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Know Your Dairy

Goin’ Campin’ : Get Yourself a Plan

  It’s warming up again (finally!) and that means one thing: Camping Season. I’m here to bring you the scoop on camping in the Chicago region. Some of you may remember Kaz’s post about this subject, and I highly recommend also checking that out. Last season, Tiny Fixers Anna and Lisa (me!), and a bunch of friends decided to go camping…

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Your New Commuting Theme Song

  Here you go my lovelies.  It’s your new commuting jam. You’re welcome.   To the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor   Intro Bike, bike bike bike, bike bike bike, bike bike biiiiiike 5x Riding up, bike on the street Making time, taking chances Went the distance, now I’m back on Kinzie Just a bike and my…

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Put it away.

Don’t Drive Like a Dickweed: 10 Rules for All Drivers

It may very well be that writing a How Not To Kill Cyclists With Your Car article on a bike website won’t really reach the intended audience. But hey, the last time we used the word dickweed in a title the article blew up, so here’s hoping. Me, to drivers Drivers need to learn how to behave around cyclists. And…

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Do you even lift?

Photo Credit: LittleCharlotte via Compfight cc Have you ever wondered if you should add some weight/strength training to your daily cycling? Intimidated or annoyed by those Crossfit weirdos, but intrigued by the possibility of getting stronger and more badass? My bike commute is a lot shorter now than it used to be, so I recently added a simple weight routine…

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support your shop: celebrate Ciclo Urbano & West Town Bikes

Save your Saturday, guys: on May 3, there’s a block party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of West Town Bikes and Ciclo Urbano and their new fabrication workshop space. Details: Free bbq and a performance by Africaribe! Skateboards and BMX demos and bikes ahoy (Campbell will be closed to traffic for this too)! 12:00 – 6:00 pm 2459 W. Division St.…

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Really, Trek?

John Burke, President of Trek Bicycle Corp decided to grace his audience of Chicago business people with his wisdom yesterday morning. According to Burke, obese people are bad for business what with their health insurance costs and all. He further asserts that his overweight employees shouldn’t be his company’s responsibility “Because seriously, if people don’t care about their health, why…

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