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Last Friday, Ricardo Capistrano was biking on North Avenue when he was hit by a dark-colored 4-door GMC or Chevrolet SUV traveling east on North Avenue and then making a left-hand turn onto Talman Avenue. He is currently hospitalized with a punctured lung and bleeding around his brain, in addition to other serious injuries. The driver who hit him has not been…

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Tiny Fix race: Pigeon Cat

Details to come, but for now: SAVE THE DATE! Tiny Fix’s summer alleycat will be held on SUNDAY, AUGUST 17, with a 3 pm start time The Pigeon Cat is a speed race only (no points-only option for this one), and will finish with a BBQ for all you racers and Tiny Fixers and friends and generally great bike people.

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support your shop: celebrate Ciclo Urbano & West Town Bikes

Save your Saturday, guys: on May 3, there’s a block party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of West Town Bikes and Ciclo Urbano and their new fabrication workshop space. Details: Free bbq and a performance by Africaribe! Skateboards and BMX demos and bikes ahoy (Campbell will be closed to traffic for this too)! 12:00 – 6:00 pm 2459 W. Division St.…

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spring cleaning

I was just talking with Cupcake about bike maintenance, and admitted that although our friend Desiree taught me to swap out my tube/tire an age ago, I haven’t changed my own tire in… basically forever. (Although that’s really, happily due to my wondrous luck avoiding flats. Seriously, I haven’t had a flat in over a year, knock wood.) If given…

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down and divvy

Two weeks ago, a guy on a Divvy bike passed me in the bike lane and I was like you go, sir, that is impressive! After today’s Divvy bike ride with Tiny Fix’s tallest (me) and smallest (Lauren), I am far more impressed, because hot damn it is hard to go fast on a Divvy. We went to see if the bikes would fit us…

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crash override

Want to help make streets safer? Yes! Collect better data about bike crashes? Yes! (Mmmmm, delicious data.) There’s a new website (but no mobile app, yet) from Willens Law Office that allows you to self-report bike accidents including weather/ light/ surface conditions, type of injury, and whether or not a police report was filed, AND you can do so anonymously…

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Costumes! Prizes! Bike racing! Proceeds being donated to the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund! Because you clearly love Nintendo-themed races and WANT MORE. Race the Mario Kart Krit in Milwaukee, WI on Saturday, August 17th. Time: 10:00 am Location: Estabrook Park $10 to race Why is it awesome that the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund gets the money raised? Because: “The Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund is a…

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Milwaukee to Chicago, off the grid

Want to do a century ride, do some good, and get in a little bike camping along the way? The Milwaukee to Chicago Ride for Sustainability is a 100-mile, two-day ride starting on June 15th at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee, and ending up in Millennium Park in Chicago on June 16th. You’ll plant native wildflowers along the way, clean up…

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