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Proletarian Biking: A Guide to Dressing for the Weather

    Is your full time job not technically employment? Do you think $25k is a lot of money for just one person to make in a year? If so, this is the gear series for you. Welcome to Proletarian Biking: a broke bike kid’s guide to making the most out of your tiny income. I’m sure some of you…

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Racing Against Myself

This August I competed in my first ever sanctioned road race. If any of you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know the scale of the unexpected identity crisis this set off for me. While I feel like I’ve largely chilled out about this, I’ve still got a lot of reservations about what this means about me as a…

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More Rides! Donuts!

Ladies! Club BFF is doing another ride that I’m definitely planning on hitting up. Saturday, June 13, at 10 AM, Club BFF is doing a ride to Pullman, one of Chicago’s most historic neighborhoods. The Pullman Historic District is a unique community, built in 1880-84 as a planned model industrial town for the Pullman’s Palace Car Company. Most importantly, if you’re as food…

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Self-Promotion Thursday: Ride to Rainbow Cone

Heads up, ladies! Next Saturday, May 16, I am leading a Club BFF ride to Rainbow Cone. The ride is about 30 miles round trip at a pretty comfortable commuting speed of 15-18 mph. Maybe riding your bike and eating a ton of ice cream isn’t your thing, but for those of you who know better: Ride departs from BFF…

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Know Your Dairy

Goin’ Campin’ : Get Yourself a Plan

  It’s warming up again (finally!) and that means one thing: Camping Season. I’m here to bring you the scoop on camping in the Chicago region. Some of you may remember Kaz’s post about this subject, and I highly recommend also checking that out. Last season, Tiny Fixers Anna and Lisa (me!), and a bunch of friends decided to go camping…

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Your New Commuting Theme Song

  Here you go my lovelies.  It’s your new commuting jam. You’re welcome.   To the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor   Intro Bike, bike bike bike, bike bike bike, bike bike biiiiiike 5x Riding up, bike on the street Making time, taking chances Went the distance, now I’m back on Kinzie Just a bike and my…

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Really, Trek?

John Burke, President of Trek Bicycle Corp decided to grace his audience of Chicago business people with his wisdom yesterday morning. According to Burke, obese people are bad for business what with their health insurance costs and all. He further asserts that his overweight employees shouldn’t be his company’s responsibility “Because seriously, if people don’t care about their health, why…

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It’s Spring!

José (Pepe) Vásquez Vallejos via Compfight Now that it’s April, the weather is finally (a bit) warmer. It’s time to dust off your bike and take to the streets! Maybe it has been a while since you’ve ridden or perhaps 2013 is the year you’re going to start riding. Whatever your circumstances, here are some tips to get you going.

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