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I'm bionic.

I Tore My ACL

The first thing I say to people about tearing my ACL is “I don’t generally recommend it.” On a lovely fall day in October 2015, I and some girlfriends went to an apple picking farm for some wholesome fun. This particular farm has a jumping pillow: a huge inflated rubber pillow affixed to the ground that kids and adults can…

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It’s Like Tiny Fix’s Cooler Sister

You guys! I know we haven’t posted here in ages. We got super burned out on writing about bikes and throwing events, even though we’re all still regular cyclists. I think I’m a little late to the party but I just found out about FWOD (For Women Only, Duh) Chicago, a group that holds rides and alleycats for women/trans/GNC riders…

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Put it away.

Don’t Drive Like a Dickweed: 10 Rules for All Drivers

It may very well be that writing a How Not To Kill Cyclists With Your Car article on a bike website won’t really reach the intended audience. But hey, the last time we used the word dickweed in a title the article blew up, so here’s hoping. Me, to drivers Drivers need to learn how to behave around cyclists. And…

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Do you even lift?

Photo Credit: LittleCharlotte via Compfight cc Have you ever wondered if you should add some weight/strength training to your daily cycling? Intimidated or annoyed by those Crossfit weirdos, but intrigued by the possibility of getting stronger and more badass? My bike commute is a lot shorter now than it used to be, so I recently added a simple weight routine…

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Tiny Fix: The Bikes

This is the post that answers our most-asked question: “Hey Tiny Fix, I’m a smaller person too and I’m looking for a bike. What’s out there in our size?” Unless bike companies start sending us small bikes to review (HEY Y’ALL hit us up!), unfortunately it’s not possible for us to talk about every single tiny bike out there. But…

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Serbags Canvas Messenger Bag Review

We at Tiny Fix love bags. Cupcake has her Seagull bag that has seen more use than any carrying device in the history of mankind. I love my Mission Workshop Rambler and Mission Workshop Monty. We love Trash Bags and Vaya Bags too. But for me, sometimes I don’t need the fully-teched-out waterproof carry-everything-you-own-plus-a-six-pack kind of bag. Sometimes I’m just…

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Rant Mode: ON Grar Level: 7

Bike Snob NYC yet again encapsulated how I feel about the cyclist vs. car debate in response to this piece of shit NYT opinion piece. Ugh, it makes me cry that I just used the phrase “cyclist vs. car.” As if it’s a zero sum game. As if it’s a debate with arguments of merit on both “sides”. As if…

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Quickie Fall Cycling Gear Post

Fall is here in all its windy, leafy, chilly glory. I love it! Personally, I think it’s the best season for biking. But if you’ve only biked on warm summer days, you might wonder just how to dress for those days when it’s as low as 35 first thing in the morning but could warm up to 55 in the…

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Heck of the North Recap

[Friend of Tiny Fix Erik rode the Heck of the North race a while back and almost immediately wrote this awesome, lengthy recap. My lazybusy ass just now got around to posting it. Sorry! I also can’t decide if this recap makes me think these people are crazy, or want to join them. Probably both. -kaz] Thursday evening found me…

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